The first step is to log into the phones web interface:

  • Press the OK button on the phone
  • Note the IP address 
  • Enter this IP address into the URL bar of a web browser
  • The username and password will both be admin

Once this is done, select the Account tab and account 1 from the drop down menu.

Basic fields are as below:

  • Account Active: On
  • Label: Extension Number
  • Display Name: Extension Number
  • Register Name: username as supplied by Conversant
  • Username: username as supplied by Conversant
  • Password: password as supplied by Conversant
  • SIP Server: Domain/Proxy as supplied by Conversant
  • Voicemail: *97
  • Login Expire: 360

Advanced fields are as below:

  • Direct Call Pickup Code: *8
  • Out Dialog BLF: Enabled

To set-up BLF for extensions on the sidebar, enter the Phone tab, in the DSS Keys section scroll to Memory Keys and use fields below:

  • Type: BLF
  • Value: Extension number for BLF
  • Line: Line 1
  • Extension: Extension number for BLF

It is also necessary to configure one of the buttons as a one-touch answer for any phones you see ringing via BLF:

  • Type: Direct Pickup
  • Value: *8
  • Line: Line 1

Still in the DSS Keys section, but under Line Keys:

  • Type: Line
  • Line: Line 1

Applies to: SIP T-26P