How to configure the Grandstream BudgeTone

  1. The Grandstream IP phone must first be configured to operate with your network. If your LAN has a DHCP server then the phone will automatically obtain an IP address. If not, then the IP address must be setup using the keypad on the phone. Please refer to the Grandstream website for more information on configuring the IP address:
  2. If your phone was configured using DHCP then the IP address can be found by pressing the following keys on the keypad Menu > Down arrow > Menu.
  3. Once the phone has an IP address you can complete the configuration process via a web browser. Simply direct your browser to the ip address of the phone e.g. and enter the phone password. The default password is 'admin'.
  4. Once you have logged in, click on the 'BASIC SETTINGS' link and check the following settings:
    • Time Zone - set as appropriate
    • Daylight Savings Time - set as appropriate
    • Date Display Format - set as appropriate
  5. Click on the Update button
  6. Click on the 'ADVANCED SETTINGS' link and check the following settings:
    • SIP Server - as advised by Conversant
    • Outbound Proxy - as advised by Conversant
    • SIP User ID - The User ID you provided when activating your Conversant account.
    • Authenticate password - The password you provided when setting up your Conversant account.
    • Name - Your name
    • NAT Traversal - Yes
    • STUN server -
    • NTP server -
  7. After entering all of the required setting click 'Update' at the bottom of the page then 'Basic Settings' to return to the configuration page and then click 'Reboot' for your changes to take effect.
  8. When the phone restarts a small black square should appear in the top left of the phone's LCD screen - this may take up to 1 minute to appear. This Icon indicates that you phone has successfully registered. If it doesn't appear recheck all of the settings and try again. Otherwise contact Conversant support.

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