How to configure 3CX softphone for PC

Download 3CX Softphone

Install 3CX Softphone

  1. Exit any software applications that use sound such as CD and media players.
  2. Run the setup executable file.
  3. Follow the prompts offered by the install wizard. Note: You must accept the license agreement to install 3CX.
  4. Select Launch 3CX at the final step of the wizard to start using the softphone.
  5. Click Finish to complete the installation.
  6. You may need to restart Windows in order to use 3CX.

Running 3CX

  1. Click the Start button.
  2. Select Programs or All Programs.
  3. Select the folder labeled 3CX Softphone (or whatever you choose as the Start Menu Folder during the installation)
  4. Select 3CX Phone

3CX Audio

Since 3CX is a software telephone application, you will require both speaker and microphone devices to make calls. Any of the following configurations are acceptable:

  • External speakers and microphone (requires a full-duplex sound adapter)
  • Dual-jack multimedia headset (requires a full-duplex sound adapter)
  • Built in microphone and speakers (requires a full-duplex sound adapter)
  • USB multimedia headset
  • USB phone

Setting up 3CX

In order to use the Conversant service you have to configure 3CX manually by following the steps below.

  1. Start 3CX. Click on the Menu button (the rectangular button at the bottom of the phone) and choose "Accounts". Click New.
  2. Enter the following fields:

    Account Name: your name
    Caller ID: your number
    Extension and ID: your Conversant VoIP username
    Password: your Conversant VoIP password
    I am out of the office - external IP: the proxy name as advised by Conversant (on iOS, you will need to select SIP account)
  3. Click the OK button.
  4. Click the Close button.
  5. 3CX should report "Discovering Network", "Connecting" etc. If you have a firewall installed, ensure that you enable 3CX to communicate with the network. When you have successfully registered, you will see "On Hook" as the Call Status Message.

Calling with 3CX

Making a call

  1. Open 3CX.
  2. Allow it to detect your network environment, and login - this will take a few seconds – check the Status for "On Hook" which indicates that you are ready to make a call.
  3. Enter the phone number, or SIP address using your keyboard, or with your mouse using the numeric keypad on 3CX.
  4. Click the Call button. This looks like a phone icon and will turn green when you hover the mouse over it.

Ending a call

To end a call, click the Hang up button. As with traditional telephony, a call is also brought to an end when the other party hangs up.

Answering a call

You need to have 3CX running to answer an incoming call. 3CX will ring like a traditional telephone. To answer the call, click the phone icon.