Moving office made easy

One of the most daunting and costly aspects of moving office has always been transferring your phone system to the new location.  Not any more.

With a Conversant virtual phone system you can:

  • Move all your business phone services for free
  • Keep your current phone numbers, even if you move to a new exchange
    - No call forwarding to pay for
    - Show your true Caller ID in outbound calls
  • Move your phone services yourselves, easily – no dependency, no downtime and no delays

How Conversant makes moving office easy

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  • We set up a hosted PABX system for you, before you move office.  Our Internet-based software replaces your old PABX box. 
  • Come moving day, simply unplug your phones from the Internet connection at your old building and plug in at your new one.  You just need a broadband connection at your new premises. All your numbers move with you - no call forwarding or phoney Caller IDs for your outbound calls.

Office relocation problems solved

The tyrannical big telcos can take weeks to move your phones, putting your business at risk and leaving you with big bills and ongoing call forwarding costs.

Conversant made moving office easy for Orca and saved them over 40% on their monthly phone bill:

Conversant set up a ‘virtual’ PABX system for Orca - Internet-based software replaced a PABX box.

The Conversant C-Vox hosted PABX meant Orca could keep all their current numbers without having to pay indefinitely for expensive call forwarding.

“Moving to internet-based telephony made organising the office move much easier – phones could be unplugged at the old building and plugged in at the new without any drama waiting for a phone company to install or move an old-style physical PABX.”

Contact Conversant - for the easiest office phone relocation ever

If you’re thinking about moving office, contact us today.

We’ll explain how a virtual phone system will make your office relocation easier – and save you on your ongoing phone costs. We’ll also undertake a FREE, no obligation review of your telephony requirements.  It’s likely we can help you consolidate the number of phone lines you need, providing a much more streamlined and easier to manage service, at a fraction of the cost of your old system.

Our customers typically save 40% or more per month on their telecommunications costs by switching to Conversant.

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