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Whatever phone numbers you need, we make it easy: 

  • Extra main phone numbers for your business
  • Personal numbers for all your staff so calls go direct to them
  • 0800 numbers
  • Local numbers in offshore locations so your overseas customers just pay local rates

You can buy Direct Inward Dial (DID) numbers quickly and easily at our online store.  Just choose the country and area code you want.

Here are the prices for our most popular types of Direct Inward Dial numbers:  

  One-off Set up Fee Monthly Fee
NZ phone number $10 $10
0800 number $15 $15
Australia local number (Sydney) $15 $15
UK local number (London) $15 $15
USA local number (New York City) $15 $15
Japan local number (Tokyo ) $6 $8

Prices exclude GST.  Set up and monthly charges for international numbers can vary between phone numbers within the same area code, and are indicative only. Phone number rates are for standard usage and not for calling card applications. Contact us for calling card prices.

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